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RezOvation Global Distribution System (GDS) Interface

An increasing percentage of all travel reservations are made via popular travel websites such as Expedia®, Travelocity®,™, and Orbitz®. The RezOvation Booking Engine provides exposure to these and many other travel portals via the Global Distribution System (GDS).

The Global Distribution System Interface uses the RezOvation Booking Engine to provide:

  • real-time internet reservation management
  • maximum exposure to the Global Distribution System via all the major GDS channels
  • valuable marketing exposure and complete control of unit availability, unit rate yield options, and key property information and policies
  • automated uploads of unit availability and downloads of any new reservations booked on the GDS system
  • collection of commission fees after guests stay at your property
  • no cancellation fees for reservations cancelled through the same channel where they were made

Note that the GDS is separate from the Online Reservations program, which also links to Expedia,, Travelocity, and others. Many innkeepers choose to use both GDS and Online Reservations, as both programs offer benefits and can help drive more guests to your website.

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