RezOvation® is pleased to announce our state-of-the-art Booking Engine is integrated with TripAdvisor® TripConnect

TripAdvisor TripConnect is a program that allows you to advertise your Inn on their site, providing more exposure for your Inn.

Integration with the RezOvation Booking Engine will synchronize your availability and allow direct bookings from their site.

TripConnect is an optional cost-per-click program that allows you to compete for bookings with online travel agents (OTAs) via TripAdvisor's website.

In order for RezOvation customers to participate the following requirements should be met:

  • Subscribe to a TripAdvisor Business Listing
  • Subscribe to either RezOvation GT with Booking Engine or RezOvation Web
  • Have an active RezOvation Booking Engine account
  • Ensure that your business name, phone number, and physical address in RezOvation GT/Web match the business name, phone number, and physical address you have listed on TripAdvisor
  • Set up a TripConnect advertising campaign via the TripAdvisor website