A smarter, better, faster RezOvation Web is here!

The new RezOvation Web is here! Take a tour of the new software by watching the below video.
Start using the new software by logging in from any browser.


Take a tour of the new software




Managing your property just got easier


The new RezOvation Web no longer relies on Microsoft Silverlight to run so you have the freedom to manage your reservations from any device, on the browser of your choice.


Highlights of the NEW! RezOvation Web:

  • No longer dependent on Silverlight – Use software on ANY browser on ANY device
  • Faster and requires less bandwidth to run
  • Easier to navigate with a more user-friendly look and feel
  • New features like additional customization and editing in Reports and Templates


Start Using the New RezOvation


New RezOvation Web Occupancy Map

Easier for you, easier for your staff


Updates to the software look and feel  make it more user-friendly and easier to navigate than ever before. That means training new and existing staff will be a breeze!




Customize reports and templates
to better fit your needs


Format reports to better suit the needs of your property. The new RezOvation Web gives you additional control with new customization and editing features in Reports and Templates.


Start Using the New RezOvation


Additional editing features in the new RezOvation Web

Frequently Asked Questions

The new software is now available. Simply go to my.rezovation.com and login like you normally would.
While you are free to run the new software on the browser of your choice, for the best performance, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox to run your software.
No. The new RezOvation Web is 100% html-built so you can run the software using whatever browser you are most comfortable with. You will not need to download any new programs to run the new RezOvation Web and you will no longer need to use IE 11 or Microsoft Silverlight.
Your booking engine will not change with the launch of the new RezOvation Web.
No. There are no additional costs associated with the new RezOvation Web.
We are hosting a webinar on Thursday, November 9 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM CST to run through the product in more detail and provide answers to the top FAQs. Join us! Click here to register.

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