Housekeeping Report

The Housekeeping Report is designed to give you information on the status of all rooms. The report is based strictly on rooms, not reservations, and can be grouped by Date or Status, and sorted by Status, Reservation, or Room Name.  You can add additional fields to this report in order to customize it to your needs.  Please see the Housekeeping Template Codes topic for more details.


By default, the report includes the following data fields:


The Status field also includes a sheet change value.  By default sheet changes are set for a 1 night interval, and so do not display on the room (since a sheet change every night is assumed).  You can configure the sheet change interval under Configuration > Reports (on the bottom right side of the Configuration screen).


The Housekeeping report is sorted by status, in the following order


1. Departure

2. Back in Service

3. Arrival

4. Stay Over

5. Change Sheets

6. Out of Service

7. Empty

To generate the housekeeping report:



  1. Select Reports > Housekeeping from the menu to display the Create Housekeeping Report window.



  1. Set the date range by clicking the down arrow to select a date from the calendar for the beginning and ending dates. Only transactions between those dates will appear on the report.

  2. Select any of the following to include in the report: arrivals, departures, stay overs, empty rooms, out of service, back in service, sheet change.

  3. Select how to group the data in the report.

  4. Select how to sort the data in the report.

For example, if you want to see a report sorted by room showing arrivals for a week in August,  your window would look like the following:


  1. Click Generate to generate the report.

  2. The following message window will appear:



  1. Click OK to generate the report and view it in Word.




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