Travelers book the way they prefer

Potential guests can call you directly or make confirmed online reservations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. RezOvation Web takes reservations any time of the day or night with a two-way real-time link on your website directly to your property information, room rates and availability. Get unlimited reservations from your website with no additional fees.

Why offer online booking?

Gain an advantage over your competitors and increase occupancy percentages. It’s as though you have reservationists available 24/7. Provide travelers with what they prefer, the convenience of making reservations online.

Booking Engine Features:

  • Display availability by individual rooms or by room types
  • Guests can reserve multiple rooms at one time
  • Increase revenue by offering packages or add-ons
  • Manage gift certificate creation and redemption
  • Mobile friendly booking site

Easy integration with your website

Your website is your brand, and the RezOvation Booking Engine provides travelers with a special window to view all that is unique about your Inn with no additional work from you. Travelers who search for accommodations on a mobile device are automatically provided a mobile friendly view for making their reservation, even if your website is not mobile friendly.

Travelers find and easily book your inn

Advertise your inn to millions of potential travelers and take more reservations online. The RezOvation booking engine seamlessly integrates with your website and other distribution partners.